Hustle is necessary and expected.

• 100% effort if required 100% of the time
• Sprint into every huddle (Key word:  Bring it in)
• Every drill is done at top speed and maximum intensity, unless otherwise noted
• Run from drill to drill
• NO BALL Ever hits the floor without an athlete diving for it

Listen to all instructions before you go to your spot. 

• If you have questions please ask

Shagging expectations

• Respect teammates and their time by hustling to shag balls
• All balls shagged before water break

Huddle expectations

• Shag all balls
• Listen for all instructions
• Water drink
• Come back to huddle
• Wait on further instruction

Being vocal is vital

• Communication is the key to success
• Call Every Ball
• Call Hitters at the Net
• Call tip, free, roll, etc.

Practice “hold up” means all players stop and focus on the instruction being given…even if instruction is focused toward one person.  You may need to know the info.

Respect your team & coaches by listening during this time even when it is not you we are instructing

Constructive Consequences and Punishment

CC’s will be involved for losing a competition in practice or when a procedure in not followed.  They are quick, volleyball oriented consequences designed to enhance skills while also discouraging lack of effort or discipline.
Punishments will be suicides denoted by “everyone on the line”

Suicides will occur when (but not limited to):
• Balls drop because of lack of communication
• Talking occurs during instruction
• Equipment is not properly put away
• Trash is left behind

Volleyball Tutor Sessions

Extra Volleyball Help will be available if you feel like you need extra work on a particular skill, player or coach requested!!! Parents might be asked to help if we are the only ones around 

Equipment Expectations

If you are scheduled for equipment duty, you are responsible for making sure all the equipment is stored in the closet properly

Have Fun and Enjoy the Sport You love to Play!

This is one of the most important expectations that is often overlooked by coaches and athletes.  Hold tight to your love of the game and it will remind you why you choose to endure all of the sports challenges in order to experience its triumphs.  It is my desire for you to enjoy being a part of this Elite Training Program

Expectations for Practice


Play time

The Elite 18's are positioned to train and compete at the highest level and are expected to execute and deliver results
• Training is STILL the most important benchmark I'm interested in.

The Elite 17's are the training unit
• Play time WILL not be equal nor a measurement of success for this group
• Girls that have accepted invitations to this program are interested in making themselves better volleyball players for the HS seasons next August, not for the next Juniors Tournament
• The measurement of this team is not how well they do in tournaments, but how much each player improves

If a player is unhappy with her play time or role it is the responsibility of the player to approach the coach to ask what she needs to improve upon in order.

No player or parent is to speak to coaches regarding play time on the day of. (24 hour rule)

No parent is to address the coaching staff regarding play time; it is the responsibility of the athlete to voice concern.

Closing Note:

            I am excited for the opportunity to work with these athletes. I feel there is much development that can happen over a short period of time.  I would ask each family to be respectful to this program and its expectations. There is much thought that goes into every practice plan, many which are created for ind. players and their skill sets. It is very discouraging and frustrating when players don't show for practice or call at the last minute. Each family has the schedule of the programs training days. It is the responsibility of the family to communicate THROUGH EMAIL so we have documentation rather than the passing comment which will be forgotten. I understand things will pop up from time to time, however we've already had a handful of last minute cancelations, which have disrupted practice plans.

Both athlete and parent will need to sign below that they have read and understand the expectations of the Southern Alliance Elite Training Program.


I have read and understand what is expected of me and am committed to doing what is necessary to make both myself and the Southern Alliance Elite Training Program as good as they can be.


I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Southern Alliance Elite Training Program's Expectations. Furthermore will be willing to step up and help support both my athlete and team whenever I can.